Eagle Eye 3.5NV Set

Night Vision Attachments


The only double FOV in the world!

​Bi-focal rifle scope 3x14 U of the Eagle Eye line is ideal for active hunts on the move with short shooting distances. Optimal range up to 200 m/yd. is practical for most applications. Incredibly solid construction of the scope allows mounting it on any caliber rifle.

Eagle Eye 3.5NV Set
Eagle Eye 3.5NV Set


  • Water proof up to 5 m/yd. submersion
  • Lit Dual FOV and reticles with 11 brightness levels
  • Side weaver rails
  • Wide temperature range of – 40 /+ 50 C ( -40 /122 F)
  • Azote purged optical tract
  • Can be used with both eyes
  • Night vision capable with NN-1K NV module


Night Vision Attachments

Model Eagle Eye 3.5
Main optic channel magnification, x 1
Secondary optic channel magnification, x 3.5
Main optic channel aperture, mm 14
Secondary optic channel aperture, mm -
Main optic channel exit pupil, mm 10
Secondary optic channel exit pupil, mm 4
FOV main optic channel, m @ 100 m 42.5
FOV secondary optic channel, m @ 100 m 8.4
Angular vision main optic channel, degrees 24
Angular vision secondary optic channel, degrees 4.8
Eye relief, mm 70
Diopter adjustments +/- 3
Click value, mm /100 m 20
Reticle movement @ 100 m vertical/horizontal, cm 400
Reticle illumination, positions 11
Power supply CR2032 CR2032
Length 224
Weight, kg 0.592

Model Night Eagle
Magnification, x 1
Aperture, mm 20,5
Exit pupil, mm 14
FOV main optic channel, m @ 100 m 42,5
Angular vision, degrees 24
Eye relief, mm 70
Power supply CR2
Length 118
Weight, kg 0.35