Eagle Eye 5

Bi-Focal Rifle Scopes


The only double FOV in the world!

​​Bi-focal rifle scope EE 5 Eagle Eye line is ideal for active hunts on the move with short shooting distances. Optimal range up to 500 m. is practical for most applications. Incredibly solid construction of the scope allows mounting it on any caliber rifle.

A distinctive feature of the sight from of the other sights of Eagle Eye series is the presence of two lenses, thus it improves the light transmittance of each channel up to 95%.

Eagle Eye 5
Eagle Eye 5


  • Water proof up to 5 m/yd. submersion
  • Lit Dual FOV and reticles with 11 brightness levels
  • Side weaver rails
  • Wide temperature range of – 40 /+ 50 C ( -40 /122 F)
  • Azote purged optical tract
  • Can be used with both eyes
  • Night vision capable with NN-1K NV module


Bi-Focal Rifle Scopes

Model Eagle Eye 3.5 Eagle Eye 5 Eagle Eye 9
Magnification ratio min (main) 11.53.6
Magnification ratio max (add-on)3.569.2
Effective lens diameter min (main)10-30
Effective lens diameter (add-on)14-30
Exit pupil diameter min (main)107.38.4
Exit pupil diameter (add-on)443.3
Eye relief min (main)709070
Eye relief (add-on)709070
Angular FOV (field of view) min (main)24167.6
Angular FOV(field of view) (add-on)4.5x2.451x21x1
FOV at 100 m min (main)42.528.113.3
FOV at 100 m (add-on)7.9x4.31.75 x3.51.75x1.75
Parallax-free100 - 20 - ∞
Eyepiece Dioptric adjustment +/-3+/-3+/-3
Click value+/-3+/-310
Adjustment range400400400
Reticle illumination power supply CR2032CR2032-